Basic Spelling Year Level 4

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Course Description

  • These online segments of the Basic Spelling series provide for ongoing assessment of the student’s progress.
  • The online segments are:
      • Basic Spelling Tests (6 tests per book)
      • Easy-to-Use Answers for each test.
      • Easy-to-Use Answers for each page of the printed book.
  • After each five units of the book a test is provided (2 page tests)
  • Each test includes questions and exercise related to the preceding 5 units.
  • The following spelling and word skills are included in the test program:
      • using correct words in sentences
      • identifying incorrect spelling
      • building new words with letters and blends
      • rewriting sentences correctly
      • using synonyms and antonyms
      • building words using prefixes and suffixes
      • identifying correct words for sentences
      • building word families
      • building suitable words based on Latin or Greek words
  • The book and the test program have been designed to develop an awareness of sounds, blends, word building and associated word skills.
In a few cases in the Answer segments there are questions for which there is no single correct answer.  The phrases ‘Sample Answers’ or ‘Answers will vary’ are used to indicate that extra attention needs to be paid to the student’s responses.
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