Basic Mathematics Year Level 4 Book 1

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Course Description

  • These online segments of the Basic Mathematics series provide for ongoing assessment of the student’s progress. Mastery of the units in the books can be monitored by the use of the tests provided.
  • The tests include multiple choice items in line with the national testing program.  In addition there are 15 conventional test items in each set.
  • The online segments are:
      • Achievement Tests (5 tests per book)
      • Easy-to-Use Answers for each test.
      • Easy-to-Use Answers for each page of the printed book.
  • After each three units of the book a test is provided.
  • Each test includes skills and concepts from the preceding three units.
  • Where it is obvious from the test results that the student has not made satisfactory progress on certain sections the Tracking Sheets can be used in the printed book.
  • If, for example, a topic such as fractions is seen to be less than satisfactory, reviewing the pages indicated in the fractions topic may assist in remedying the difficulty.
In a few cases in the Answer segments there are questions for which there is no single correct answer.  The phrases ‘Sample Answers’ or ‘Answers will vary’ are used to indicate that extra attention needs to be paid to the student’s responses.
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