Basic Grammar and Language Conventions Year Levels 5-6

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Course Description

  • This book, ‘Basic Grammar and Language Conventions Years 5-6,’ has been designed to provide the basic knowledge and understanding of essential grammar and language conventions for these year levels. It is divided into 5 sections.
      1. Parts of Speech
      2. Compound and Complex Sentences, Clauses
      3. Phrases and Simple Sentences
      4. Using Language
      5. Punctuation
  • Within the book are Mini-Tests for the student to complete as each section is studied. The online segments for this book include the following:
      • Answers to Mini-Tests in the book itself
      • Section Tests for each of the 5 sections¬†(Years 5-6 tests of 2 pages each)
      • Easy-to-Use Answers to section tests.
  • The Section Tests are generally multiple choice items.
  • The book and the test program have been designed to assist the student’s progress in English language skills.
In a few cases in the Answer segments there are questions for which there is no single correct answer.¬† The phrases ‘Sample Answers’ or ‘Answers will vary’ are used to indicate that extra attention needs to be paid to the student’s responses.
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