Basic Facts Mathematics Year Levels 3-4

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Course Description

  • The book for Years 3 & 4 provides the basic knowledge, rules and definitions for students of these year levels.  
  • The book is divided into 16 topics: 
      1. Addition and Subtraction Number Facts
      2. Multiplication and Division Number Facts
      3. Mathematical Signposts
      4. Place Value and Expanded Notation
      5. Names – Numbers and Operations
      6. Fractions and Decimals
      7. Money – Coins and Notes
      8. Time – Digital and Analogue
      9. Measurement – Length, Mass, Volume and Area
      10. Lines and Angles
      11. 2D Shapes
      12. The Circle
      13. 3D Shapes
      14. Symmetry and Other Terms
      15. Chance and Data
      16. Graphs
  • The online segments of the books are:
      • Topic Tests (one page tests)
      • Easy-to-Use Answers to Topic Tests.
  • Test items from each of the topics are provided (16 tests for Year 3, 16 tests for Year 4).
  • The student should study one section at a time and then complete the test related to that section.
  • At the top of each test is a section entitled Number Facts.  These sections have been designed to allow students to practise their number facts regularly to help with speed and accuracy.
  • The remaining sections of each test are general multiple choice items.
In a few cases in the Answer segments there are questions for which there is no single correct answer.  The phrases ‘Sample Answers’ or ‘Answers will vary’ are used to indicate that extra attention needs to be paid to the student’s responses.
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