Basic Comprehension Year Level 3

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Course Description

  • The book contains 20 texts and 12 multiple choice test items for each text.
  • The texts have been designed to allow students to develop the following skills:
        1. identify and interpret main ideas
        2. locate essential details
        3. understand word meanings
        4. identify true and false statements
        5. explain reasons for actions
        6. identify feelings and attitudes
        7. explain phrases
        8. select words to match meanings
  • A wide range of text types has been included in each of the books.
  • The text types for Year 3 have been listed below:

Letter, Report, Fable, Description, Recipe, Diary Entry,

Historical Report, Book Review, Using Maps

  • The increasing levels of difficulty of the text types from Year Levels 3-6 encourages the development of the student’s reading and comprehension skills.
The online segment of this series consists only of the following:
      • Answers to the question pages in each book
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